‘Star Trek: Discovery’: Michael Burnham’s Arrival in the Future Is Rough (VIDEO)

Sonequa Martin Green Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Michael Burnham
CBS All Access

It wasn’t easy to escape the present and get to the future, and it’s not any better once Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) comes out the other side of the wormhole.

CBS All Access unveiled the opening scene of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 at the Star Trek Universe New York Comic Con panel Thursday. In addition to showing us what’s next for Michael, we see new cast member David Ajala in action as Cleveland “Book” Booker.

And “in action” is the only way to describe how the new season kicks off for both characters as their paths cross (to put it mildly) in space in the future (the year 3188, as the trailer previously revealed). We first meet Book as he’s fleeing someone after stealing cargo. “It doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to itself,” Book insists.

But then a wormhole opens up, and out comes Michael, but she’s struggling to regain control and must reboot her suit as she falls to the ground before she crashes. Watch below to see if she’s successful.

In Star Trek: Discovery Season 3, the U.S.S. Discovery crew lands in an unknown future and will be “living in a time filled with uncertainty,” the logline teases. “Along with the help of some new friends, [they] must work together to restore hope to the Federation.”

Star Trek: Discovery, Season 3 Premiere, Thursday, October 15, CBS All Access