‘AGT’ Season 15: Watch the Finalists’ Performances (VIDEO)

AGT S15 Finals Performances Brandon Leake Broken Roots Roberta Battaglia
Chris Haston/NBC

It all comes down to two shows for the America’s Got Talent Season 15 contestants.

The 10 finalists have one last chance to perform for judges Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Sofia VergaraSimon Cowell has been out recovering from back surgery — and host Terry Crews in hopes of emerging as this season’s winner.

Then their fates are in America’s hand, with viewers able to vote (until 7am ET) at NBC.com/AGTVote, via the “AGT” App, and by saying “vote for AGT” into the Xfinity X1 voice remote. The results are revealed live Wednesday.

Roberta Battaglia

The 11-year-old singer kicks off the night and continues to impress with “Scars to Your Beautiful.” “The first time I saw you on stage, you surprised me … but you keep surprising me every time you’re on stage,” Vergara says to her Golden Buzzer. “You were born to sing,” Klum adds. And for Mandel, “you are the one to beat tonight.”

BAD Salsa

The dance duo get right into it with fast moves, spins, flips, and lifts, and just when it appears to be slowing down, they take it up another level — and to new heights. “You really have changed the game,” Klum says. “You brought so much more creativity to this kind of dance.” “You’re the best dancers I’ve seen on this season, but seeing you in person, it is so dynamic and so scary,” Mandel notes. And Vergara calls them “one of my favorite acts I’ve seen in my life.”

Kenadi Dodds

The 15-year-old belts out a powerful rendition of “Love Wins.” “To see you standing and singing with your guitar is so much more energetic,” Vergara tells her. “You stepped it up a lot tonight.” Mandel agrees: “You really rose to the occasion. … Don’t hide behind pianos. Don’t hide behind guitars.” And Klum says she sees a Country Music Award in her future.

Brandon Leake

The poet once again delivers an emotional performance and proves to be incredible with words, this time speaking to his daughter. “You leave me speechless. … I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life and especially on this show,” Howie says to his Golden Buzzer. “You move people. You move the world. You move us more than anybody does.” Vergara agrees that his words are “so meaningful.” And Klum adds, “What a beautiful gift to you daughter, and what a beautiful gift to all of us you are. … We deserve more artists like you, artists who speak the truth, artists who are humble.”

Broken Roots

The singers continue to entertain, this time with “In the Air Tonight.” “You really showed us wrong” for sending them home in Judge Cuts, Klum tells them. “What an amazing ride for you,” Vergara notes. “This performance, every time I see you I like you more.” And for Mandel, “that’s my favorite song that you have sung in this whole competition. It was wonderful.”

Bello Sisters

In Germany, the sisters bend, balance, stretch, and reach even more incredible heights and positions than they did previously — and hold it long enough for their father to shoot a flower out from one of their mouths. “You’re incredible. True athletes. So beautiful to watch,” Klum praises, and Vergara agrees. “It was amazing, beautiful,” she says. “You guys look stunning, perfection.” But Mandel disagrees, calling it “the slowest one out of all the performances and a little bit shaky for me.”

Archie Williams

The singer, as he’s done before, gives an emotional performance, this time of “Blackbird.” “I feel like you’re already a winner,” Mandel says. “You’ve won your freedom. You’ve won justice. … The meaning [of your songs] is so much clearer and is much more pointed to you.” The other judges agreed. “It was moving. It was beautiful. You made this song your song,” Vergara tells him. “When I hear you sing this too, I hear it differently than I’ve ever heard the song before,” Klum adds. “It’s your story and you’re soaring.”

Daneliya Tuleshova

The singer delivers a strong performance of “Alive.” “You’re amazing. … The kids have been so good this season, and you especially, you are flawless. Every time you’re here, you’re better and better. You’re so comfortable,” Vergara says of the 14-year-old Klum calls “a class act.” Mandel agrees and adds, “Out of all the singers, you’re a baby, but you seem like the most seasoned and the most comfortable and that you need to be here.”

Alan Silva

The aerialist reaches more incredible heights, this time through a rainfall and soars and flips through the water in increasingly daring moves. “People really underestimated you. People bullied you because of your size. And I really do hope all of those people are watching right now because you’re so talented,” Klum tells him. “It gets better and better,” Vergara says. “This was so artistic, the water, the fire, it looked so dangerous, so exciting.” Mandel agrees, adding he upped his game.

Cristina Rae

The singer belts out “Demons,” once again making a popular song very much her own.  “Saved the best for last. … You definitely have a light that cannot be dimmed. You sparkle, you shine,” Klum tells her Golden Buzzer. “We have seen you become a star every week more and more,” Vergara says. “Those notes, what a song. It was perfection.” “You sang about your kingdom, and this is your kingdom,” Mandel adds. “From my perspective, you are the one to beat.”

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