Cadogan and Sheidheda Make a Deal in ‘The 100’ Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

With three episodes left in The 100, it’s all coming together… and it seems that infamous sketchbook of Madi’s (Lola Flanery) is going to play a huge part in the conflicts yet to come.

Fans wondering how the Sanctum and Cadogan plotlines would merge will be intrigued by TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek (above), which finds Sheidheda (J.R. Bourne) alive and well after getting emergency medical treatment in Bardo — Indra (Adina Porter) really should’ve killed him when she had the chance!

We also see Cadogan (John Pyper-Ferguson) leafing through the infamous sketchbook that cost Bellamy (Bob Morley) his life. As we know, Sheidheda has plenty of information about those drawings, and the artist behind them.

The two egotistical overlords reach an agreement that places Sanctum — and Madi, most likely — in grave danger. Check it out above!

The 100, Wednesdays, 8/7c, The CW