‘Married at First Sight’: 8 Key Moments From ‘Opening Up Is Hard To Do’ (RECAP)

MAFS Season 11 Henry Christina
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 11, Episode 9, “Opening Up Is Hard To Do.”]

Married at First Sight continued to play out its social experiment on Season 11’s couples in the latest installment, “Opening Up Is Hard To Do.”

As the five pairs at the center of the season settle into married life this week, some grow closer while others remain distant. And in the latest episode, viewers discovered whether the couples can come together at times of illness or accomplish basic tasks like grocery shopping.

Below, we’re breaking down all of the major moments from the episode but beware of major spoilers ahead.

Settling In

MAFS Season 11 Amelia

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As the episode kicked off, viewers were treated to little snippets from the couples lives including Miles fixing Karen’s car and Henry texting Christina to check in on how she is. Meanwhile, Olivia and Brett commiserated over their cats deciding to make noise in the middle of the night and Amelia is seen going to the store to get some ginger to make tea for Bennett who has come down with a bad cold.

Opening Up

MAFS Season 11 Christina

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In a rare moment of vulnerability, Christina opens up to Henry about the fact that she’s been off her ADD medication for over a month. She explains that it makes her impatient when she’s off of it and apologizes for her behavior and he in return is supportive of her news. She notes that her mother is against meds of any kind and he told her he knew what it was like to have critical parents.

Bonding Activities

MAFS Season 11 Miles Karen

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This episode was filled with activities that the couples participated in to bond a little more, first up was Miles who invited a chef to help teach him and Karen to cook a special meal together. This date really impressed the skeptical and cautious Karen who admitted that her new hubby earned brownie points for this idea.Woody and Amani decided to go an alternate route, bonding over a trip to the nail salon where they got pedicures and manicures. Amani is suprised she has a husband who loves these kinds of dates and is thrilled by the possibility of more moments like this in the future.

Amelia and Bennett’s Big Jump

MAFS Season 11 Bennett

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Once Bennett has recovered, he and Amelia continue blissfully in their quirky bubble, but not before he reveals to the cameras that during his recovery, they consummated their marriage. The reveal, although awkward, added to the charm of this fan favorite couple.

Expert Cards Ask the Big Questions

MAFS Season 11 Woody Amani

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All of the couples received cards from the show’s experts posing questions that they’ll have to ask each other in order to grow their relationship. While chatting over takeout food, Amelia and Bennett broach the topic of love and how they’ll work to grow in love. Bennett admits that he loves Amelia but due to the brief nature of their union, he can’t say he’s “in love” with her.

Meanwhile, Brett and Olivia work over the same question but she’s not satisfied with his joking tone and wishes that Brett could be more serious. Olivia wants him to express his feelings and they end up debating over the importance of small and big things in life. Christina and Henry continue to get closer over this task as she begins to see why experts paired them.

While Amani and Woody work on a coloring activity, they discuss the questions about love. Woody admits that he loves her, but Amani isn’t quite ready to say it back and although this upsets him a little he’s patient. Karen and Miles on the other hand attempted to cover some new ground as she asked him about his childhood which was tough considering he played a constant people pleaser to his divorced parents. Karen worries that he’ll do the same with her without him really being happy, but Miles reassures her that he won’t let that happen.

Girl Time

MAFS Season 11 Olivia Amani

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Amani and Olivia catch up at a swamp attraction, chatting about the progress in their relationships. While Amani is relatively happy with Woody, Olivia airs her concerns over Brett, noting that she isn’t sure how they were matched. Yikes.

More Fun Times

MAFS Season 11 Amelia Bennett

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Amelia and Bennett prepare to go on a fun outing as she packs a picnic and they dress up in matching outfits. She brings Bennett to a park to learn slack lining, an activity she really enjoys and although Bennett struggles, he never gives up. Eventually they relax and enjoy the picnic which includes a cake decorated like Bennett and break open a pinata.

Christina and Henry go golfing together and she’s impressed by his confidence on the course, allowing him to teach her some tricks. Henry in return sets up salsa dancing lessons and while he struggles a bit at first he eventually finds a rhythm with Christina that works surprisingly well. Olivia brings Brett on a swamp tour as part of their activities, and at first he seems bored by the outing but eventually becomes more interested and the pair share a fun time together.

Good (or Bad) Cooking

MAFS Season 11 Miles

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The episode ended up leading the couples to the kitchen, but not before Karen and Miles went on their first grocery shopping trip that goes pretty well. Karen does note to Miles that he’s the first man she’s been with who has been so open about his emotions. Amelia and Bennett discuss chores in their kitchen as they plot cleaning duties. Meanwhile, Amani cooks a nice meal and surprises Woody for when he returns home.

But it’s when the cooking returns to Miles and Karen’s kitchen that things turn sour as he broaches the topic of intimacy. He asks her what ways she likes to receive or show intimacy, but when she refuses to respond, he jokes that he can add it to the calendar. When Miles writes that he and Karen will have sex on a specific date, it sends her over the edge. Could this be a devastating move on Miles’ part? Find out when Married at First Sight returns next week.

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