Christina Gets Honest With Henry in a ‘Married at First Sight’ Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

The most awkward couple from Married at First Sight‘s 11th season could be turning a new leaf in the latest episode, “Opening Up Is Hard To Do.”

Henry and Christina have come to a turning point in their union in this exclusive sneak peek at the September 9 installment. While she’s had difficulty breaking down Henry’s walls, Christina has been frustrating him with her impatience, but there could be an explanation for her behavior.

MAFS Season 11 Lifetime

(Credit: Lifetime)

In a candid moment between the tumultuous pair, Christina exhibits a more vulnerable side of herself by clarifying that she’s been off her ADD meds for a month and a half. Building up to the reveal, Christina says, “I’ve been like off of my medicine for ADD and I feel like, secretly, I’ve kind of been struggling with it and just trying to put on a good front and it probably explains a few of my impatient moments.”

“But I’m just going to get back onto my medication,” she continues before adding, “I realize that it kind of normalizes me. You’ll see  a big change in me in a positive way.”

Whether that’s true or not will remain to be seen, but check out the clip above to see Henry’s reaction to her opening up, and don’t miss the full scene when Married at First Sight airs on Lifetime.

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