‘Criminal’ Brings Kit Harington to the Interrogation Table in Season 2 Trailer (VIDEO)

Criminal Netflix Kit Harington

Everyone’s a suspect in the newly released trailer for Netflix’s unique crime procedural Criminal.

The British drama is launching its second season beginning Wednesday, September 16, and some familiar faces are under investigation. Game of ThronesKit Harington, The Big Bang Theory‘s Kunal Nayyar, Catastrophe‘s Sharon Horgan and Sophie Okonedo, who will appear in Netflix’s forthcoming Ryan Murphy project Ratched, will feature in Season 2.

Taking place exclusively within a police interview suite, this crime series puts a spotlight on the mental conflict between law enforcement and the suspected criminal. In Season 2, four separate cases will be followed with the four separate subjects.

Criminal Sharon Horgan Season 2 Netflix

(Credit: Netflix)

Among the crimes these suspects will be accused of are rape, abduction, and murder, but will you believe anything these people have to say? In the trailer, the police and suspects face off as the civilians try keeping every detail in their stories straight.

“OK, nice and simple, let me tell you what happened, everything I can remember in order,” Kit Harington’s character says as the teaser kicks off. See the exciting interrogations below and don’t miss Criminal‘s second season when it arrives this September on Netflix.

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