MTV VMAs 2020: How Did Keke Palmer Do as Host? (POLL)

Keke Palmer - MTV VMAs 2020 Host

The 2020 MTV Video Music Awards didn’t take place at the Barclays Center as originally planned, and the performances were from different locations around New York City, but as host, Keke Palmer served as the connective thread.

Palmer began the night by announcing the dedication of the awards show to Chadwick Boseman, the actor best known for playing the iconic King T’Challa in Black Panther and who died Friday at the young age of 43 after a four-year battle with colon cancer.

Throughout the night, Palmer was clearly having fun — like acting opposite herself across NYC — while also touching on important issues, like in her opening monologue noting how rough 2020 has been.

“When something goes wrong, I just say, 2020,” she said. “But as rough as it’s been, there have been incredible moments of inspiration that have given my generation hope. We’ve seen heroes go above and beyond, whether they drive a delivery truck, work at a grocery store, or serve on the front lines in a hospital. And with the Black Lives Matter movement, we’ve seen our generation step up, take to the streets, and make sure our voices are heard.

“We can never tolerate police brutality or any injustice. We must continue the fight to end systemic racism,” Palmer continued. “The leaders of that movement are you. Us. The people watching tonight. It’s our time to be the change we want to see. We need to come together, and music has that power.” Watch her entire opening monologue below:

Palmer also paid tribute to the healthcare workers on the frontline during the coronavirus pandemic. “Every single day across every state and in every city, medical workers showed us the true meaning of courage,” she said before introducing clips of them showing off their musical talents.

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