David Dobrik Hosts Epic Sporting Competition 'Dodgeball Thunderdome' (VIDEO)

Dodgeball Thunderdome host David Dobrik
Discovery Channel

For generations, dodgeball was a game of either fun or fear depending on where you stood in the middle school pecking order. Discovery takes on dodgeball in a new way, transforming the game into an epic sporting adventure in all-new arena where everyday people become heroes.

Hosted by David Dobrik, Dodgeball Thunderdome premieres Wednesday, August 19 on Discovery Channel.

Discovery Dodgeball Thunderdome Giant Ball

Screengrab Courtesy of Discovery

On an isolated 13.8-acre specially constructed site, dodgeball is reimagined, where winners are not determined simply by their strength and the losers aren’t always picked last.

Here, contestants have a chance to claim glory in extraordinary challenges where strength matters but so does strategy, quick thinking, and the willingness to leave everything on the field.

Discovery Dodgeball Thunderdome Tire Swings

Screengrab Courtesy of Discovery

Erin Lim will serve as co-host, with Andrew Hawkins displaying his expert play-by-play skills.

The pool of adult competitors are ready to hit the playing field for the glory and redemption. Competitors range from professional athletes to those who’ve never played a sport in their life. But they all have one thing in common – a drive to win.

Discovery Dodgeball Thunderdome mud

Screengrab Courtesy of Discovery

It all culminates with a special 9th episode – a tournament of champions that brings back all of the winners from the previous 8 episodes who will then compete for a $25,000 cash prize.

Viewers will be able to get in on the action. By tuning in and looking out for each episode’s special code, the Discovery audience will be able to enter for chance to win $5,000 cash every episode this season.

Dodgeball Thunderdome, Premiere, Wednesday, August 19, 9/8c, Discovery Channel