‘America’s Got Talent’ Live Shows Begin: Watch the First Night’s Acts (VIDEO)

AGT Season 15 Live Shows Night 1 Performances
Chris Haston/NBC; NBC

America’s Got Talent Season 15 has reached the live shows, with 44 acts set to perform over four weeks.

The Voice coach Kelly Clarkson takes judge Simon Cowell’s place as he recovers from back surgery and joins Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and host Terry Crews as 11 acts compete for America’s vote and the $1 million prize live from Universal Studios Hollywood. Some perform on stage in front of the judges, while others are around Universal Studios and around the world.

Their fates are now in the hands of the viewers, who can vote (until 7am ET) at NBC.com/AGTVote, via the “AGT” App, and by saying “vote for AGT” into the Xfinity X1 voice remote. Results will be revealed Wednesday.

Pork Chop Revue

On the studio lot, the pigs perform tricks, including roll out the red carpet, going through obstacles, jumping, and more, with a couple hiccups. (Clarkson likes that because it shows that “it’s live and you never know what’s going to happen.”) “I think it’s amazing because they’re pigs,” Mandel says, but compares it to “a very lethargic dog act.”

Feng E

From Taiwan, performing via satellite, the 13-year-old rocks out on the ukulele, leading to Mandel calling him “the Hendrix of the ukulele.” “I hate the ukulele, and you make the ukulele sound unbelievable,” Vergara says. “It’s amazing what you can do with that instrument.”

Shaquira McGrath

The singer belts out “What Hurts the Most,” getting a standing ovation from Klum and Vergara. “Breathtaking,” Vergara praises her, while Clarkson notes how hard that song is to perform, adding, “overall, you have such a powerful voice and it’s so soulful.”

Simon and Maria

From the studio lot, the kid salsa duo dance their way through Mel’s Diner. “You’re doing exactly what needs to be done on this show,” Mandel notes. “Each time, it’s gotten better.”


The bone breaker/contortionist once again twists his limbs as he dances across the stage, with an action scene setup on the screen behind him. Klum calls him “super unique,” while Vergara says his act is “nerve-racking.”

Bello & Annaliese Nock

The father and daughter daredevils had competed on AGT separately before, but he sustained an acrobatic injury during rehearsal for the live show. Her brother steps in as the counterbalance on the “Wheel of Death” outside in Universal Studios as she jumps, leaps, and performs tricks inside one of the wheels before climbing on the outside of it, jump roping at the top, and even blindfolding herself as the wheel is set on fire. “You guys are like nerves of steel,” Vergara says, while Klum and Mandel both use the word “spectacular” to describe it.

Roberta Battaglia

The singer performs “You Say” and gets a standing ovation from the judges. “I cannot believe how spectacular you sing,” Vergara praises her Golden Buzzer from auditions. “You’re incredible,” Clarkson agrees. “Your tone is so beautiful, and it’s effortless.” And Mandel tells her, “I think that you have a good chance of winning this whole season.”

Michael Yo

Prior to his act, the comedian shares he was hospitalized with COVID. When he takes the stage, he details what he learned when his wife gave a baby, including that men are “useless” in the delivery room, and why women shouldn’t want a man to be willing to die for them on a first date. “You just nailed it,” Clarkson says, with Mandel adding that he “delivered,” especially in front of a virtual audience.

Double Dragon

The singing and dancing sisters perform “Bang Bang” and “Taki Taki” on the studio lot. Mandel judges them “as personalities.” “I see you as a sitcom,” he tells them. Klum says they have double the “energy,” “talent,” and “fun.”

Brett Loudermilk

The sword swallower has Klum choose a card and sign it before reinserting it into the deck. Then he has Vergara join him again (after it didn’t go well in auditions). He sets her up to shoot an arrow with a crossbow at him to find the card in the deck in his mouth. But when she aims, it “backfires,” and he ends up extracting the card from his throat using the arrow. “This was even greater” than last time, Mandel says. “It was a lot of fun.” Vergara thinks it was “spectacular” (but wonders what he’ll do without her).

Archie Williams

The singer, who went to prison for a crime he didn’t commit, performs “Love’s in Need of Love Today.” The judges agree that he deserves this more than anyone, with Clarkson telling him he has “a beautiful gift.” “It’s like you preach to us,” Mandel adds. “Your words mean so much more than even the lyrics.”

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