‘I May Destroy You’: Paapa Essiedu Says You’ll Want to Rewatch Season 1 After Finale (VIDEO)

Anyone else finding themselves gushing over HBO’s freshman dramedy I May Destroy You? If you thought this series, from creator and series star Michaela Coel, was going to be a fun ride with lots of laugh, you’re only partly right since the whole first season is wrapped around a drugged sexual assault of Coel’s Arrabella. As she tries to piece together what exactly happened that night, she finds an outlet for her pain and confusion in her writing.

The other part of the series is Arrabella’s besties, actress Terry (Weruche Opia) and workout instructor Kwame (Paapa Essiedu), who are going through their own personal challenges of their own. For the promiscuous Kwame, he experiences his own sexual assault in a hookup that, at first, goes just fine but then ends with the other man holding down a shocked Kwame for one more go.

During TV Insider’s chat with Essiedu, who also appears later this year in AMC’s new drama series Gangs of London, the British actor discusses what he thinks Kwame truly wants in the midst of his frequent hookups as well as his take on the sex and intimacy woven throughout the series.

Essiedu also says viewers should be sure to watch the final episodes and don’t be surprised if you have the desire to go back and watch the entire first season again once you know how things turn out. Watch the interview above.

I May Destroy You, Monday, 9/8c, HBO.