‘Deadliest Catch’s Jake Anderson Previews a Crucial Repair Aboard the Saga

Discovery Channel Deadliest Catch
Discovery Channel

Rogue waves. Supermoon tides. A cyclonic snowstorm. These conditions are a Bering Sea captain’s nightmare.

Add in a broken rudder, and you have the perilous situation Jake Anderson faces on the Saga, the vessel he’s lovingly rebuilt in the Tuesday, August 25 episode of Deadliest Catch.

The rough-and-ready skipper must make the crucial repair, but with it comes the risk of capsizing in freezing water. Still haunted by the tragic New Year’s Eve sinking of fellow crab boat Scandies Rose, all hands braced for the worst.

“Everyone was ready to abandon ship,” Anderson reports. How they survive makes for gripping TV.

“If I hadn’t learned welding and fabrication from the rebuild, the boat would have sank,” he says. “We got lucky.”

Deadliest Catch, Tuesday, August 25 8/7c, Discovery