‘Love on the Spectrum’: Where Are the Couples & Singles Now? (VIDEO)

Love on the Spectrum

Netflix’s new dating show Love on the Spectrum has been a hit among viewers as the heartwarming reality program puts a spotlight on challenges that adults on the autism spectrum face while exploring the world of dating.

After debuting in July, the streamer is offering fans an update on what the cast’s up to, including the show’s singles and couples. In a nearly 10-minute featurette, Michael, Chloe, Maddi, Mark, Kelvin, Olivia, Andrew, Sharnae, Jimmy, Thomas and Ruth get candid about their experience with the series, which filmed in Australia.

They’re answering various questions ranging from “What have you been up to since the show?” to “Are you still looking for love?” Among the first up to bat in the segment are couple Thomas and Ruth, who were in a long-term relationship while filming. “Since the show, we got married,” Thomas shares, before exclaiming, “Hooray!”

Chloe is next to share an update on her situation and the rest go on to share their own personal updates. While some are focusing on love, others are putting their efforts towards career aspirations, including Olivia and Michael, both of whom have a passion for acting.

Love on the Spectrum

(Credit: Netflix)

One thing’s for sure, no matter the outcome of their Love on the Spectrum experience, these sweet subjects are unafraid to showcase the confidence they’ve found along the way. See the followup featurette below and catch the full season of Love on the Spectrum on Netflix now.

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