‘Snowpiercer’: Pike Will Be an ‘Obstacle’ for Layton in the Final Episodes

Snowpiercer Steven Ogg
Justina Mintz/TNT

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 1, Episode 8 of Snowpiercer, “These Are His Revolutions.”]

It may be hundreds of degrees below zero outside, but tensions are boiling inside the post-apocalyptic locomotive on Snowpiercer as the drama races towards its final Season 1 episodes.

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'While she may be cast as the series' great villain, at the same time you're understanding her deeper motivations,' says EP Graeme Mason.

In the eighth installment for the season, viewers saw class borders breaking as resident homicide detective Layton (Daveed Diggs) recruited help from various cars aboard the never-ending train to rebel against the upper-class passengers. Following his stint in their clutches at the behest of now-imprisoned hospitality head and Mr. Wilford impersonator Melanie (Jennifer Connelly), Layton is now seeking justice for his fellow Tailies.

But the decision didn’t come without a cost, as blood was shed during the clash. “Layton is forced to make that terrible decision to sacrifice a few to save the many and to wear that responsibility,” showrunner and executive producer Graeme Manson says of the emerged leader’s choices. As one of the Tailies, Layton must balance the need to preserve his own people, while also keeping the vital locomotive functioning.

Snowpiercer Daveed Diggs

(Credit: Justina Mintz/TNT)

“I think it really marks the point where Layton has to graduate from a revolutionary to a leader,” Manson adds. “Layton is going to have to answer to his allies, as well as control his enemies.” That will be easier said than done, as it was revealed that first-class now has former Tailies man Pike (Steven Ogg) in their clutches after being removed from the drawers in the infirmary where he had previously been placed in suspended animation.

“Pike is another one of those characters that’s really fun to create, to throw up as an obstacle for Layton,” Manson teases. “They have a long history.” The fickle man was clearly being bribed for tactical information by the first-class passengers, but only time will tell if the former ally will turn into a full-on foe.

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“It’s a history we continue to dig into,” Manson promises. “And it’s very understandable to see Pike from the Tail, when a revolution breaks out, want to get a bit of [that power] the others have and feel.”

Tune into the final two episodes airing on July 12 to see how Season 1 concludes, and rest assured because Season 2 is on the horizon.

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