‘Gilmore Girls’: What Will the Famous ‘Last Four Words’ Be?


We’ve waited almost ten years, and though details of the November 25 Netflix release of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life are still closely guarded we know one thing: the series will end on the four words creator Amy Sherman-Palladino initially wanted to use at the end of the show’s original run on The WB/The CW. She never got a chance to do so because she and her husband Daniel Palladino left the show before its seventh and final season.

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But what will those four final words be? “Oy with the poodles”? “I need more coffee?” Speculations have been pretty high on the Gilmore Girls sub-Reddit since the revival was announced, with answers ranging from tear-jerkers:

“I’m still all in.”

-Reddit user mingmingcherry

“I’ll miss you mom”

-Reddit user mysticalscorpion

To first-episode references:

“Luke? Coffee, coffee, coffee.”

-Reddit user Kaykaysees

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And Twitter users have been chiming in with their predictions, too, with some foreseeing a marriage—though who the bride would be is up for debate:

Others see an inevitable pregnancy:

And others had some different ideas:

Our personal guess? “Let’s go to Luke’s.”

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, November 25, Netflix.