Daniel Palladino

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Writer • Producer • Director

Spouses: Amy Sherman-Palladino

Los Angeles native Daniel Palladino broke into television writing in the mid-1980s, writing two episodes of "One Big Family," a short-lived sitcom starring aging TV legend Danny Thomas. Following a lengthy stint as a writer and producer on the popular '80s sitcom "Who's The Boss," Palladino joined the crew of "Roseanne" in the early 1990s, eventually rising to executive producer during the series' controversial final season. During this time, he met and married Amy Sherman, another member of the "Roseanne" writing staff, who subsequently changed her professional name to Amy Sherman-Palladino. When "Roseanne" went off the air, Palladino worked on the early seasons of the Fox animated comedy "Family Guy"; he wrote one of the show's most popular episodes, a musical homage to the Bing Crosby and Bob Hope road movies, starring Brian and Stewie Griffin. When Sherman-Palladino's series "Gilmore Girls" reached the WB network in 2000, Palladino joined his wife's staff, writing and directing several episodes of the popular series. The Palladinos left "Gilmore Girls" in 2006 following a contract dispute with the network. Palladino was the executive producer of Sherman-Palladino's next project, the poorly-received half-hour dramedy "The Return of Jezebel James."

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