‘Warrior Nun’: Kristina Tonteri-Young Previews the Sisterhood of the Fantasy Series (VIDEO)

The Lord has given them strength…

Netflix’s forthcoming action-adventure series Warrior Nun, inspired by Ben Dunn’s graphic novel/manga series Warrior Nun Areala, is a wild ride of holy proportions, coming soon to your streaming screens. In the 10-episode fantasy drama, teenage orphan Ava (Alba Baptista) dies and is unexpectedly risen from the dead with an impressive new set of skills — thanks to a halo that is inserted into her back — positioning her to lead a super-secret sect of demon-fighting nuns as their Halo-Bearer.

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Meanwhile, The Order of the Cruciform Sword is facing its own set of problems, which mainly involve preventing evil from taking over the world, with one killer battle after another. Newcomer Kristina Tonteri-Young, who plays Sister Beatrice, describes her warrior as the group’s “pillar of strength.” Obviously that’s pretty important, as the team loses an important member right at the onset, before learning of Ava’s discovered abilities.

Despite the culture clash that happens when Ava meets these badass young women, who have trained their whole lives to protect the world from the worst evils imaginable, they form a bond that will help them as the Order faces its biggest threat yet.

Warrior Nun Netflix Cast

“The whole series, I think, revolves around the idea of sisterhood and unity with other women,” Tonteri-Young previews. “[They] try and bring her into our circle, instead of having a clash … but obviously, for [Ava] it’s so exciting that she has this new lease on life … it creates a really exciting journey.”

Check out the video above for the full interview where Tonteri-Young discusses her intense training and what fans of Dunn’s work can expect on the series.

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