Prepare for ‘Big Reveals’ & New Characters in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 3 (VIDEO)

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Creator Taylor Sheridan promises that Yellowstone Season 3 will be “colossal,” and based on the latest look at the drama, there’s no other word to describe it as the Duttons continue to fight to protect their ranch.

Paramount Network released a behind-the-scenes look at what to expect this summer, with teases from the cast and producers. As the creator explains, while a two-hour movie focuses on an “event,” a television series allows them to “examine a world and lives that grow over the course of years.” That’s exactly what’s happening to the Dutton family and the rest of the characters, but what remains the same is their fight to protect their legacy.

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Plus, find out what shared interest prompted cocreator Taylor Sheridan to write Morris and Beth's meeting.

As patriarch John Dutton (Kevin Costner) tells his grandson Tate (Brecken Merrill), “ranching’s a terrible business,” but despite all the reasons why, “it’s one hell of a life.” It’s not an easy one, as the clips from Season 3 prove. They’re dealing with enemies from the city, the risk of a wolf or bear eating the herd of cattle, and people wanting what they have: land.

“The Dutton legacy is in most peril” this season, Jefferson White, who plays ranch hand Jimmy, teases. “The Duttons have something that other people want,” Costner explains. “There’s a clash, and what we know about the Duttons is they’re not going to run from it.”

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There are several new characters coming in, both working against the Duttons, like Josh Holloway’s hedge fund manager Roarke Morris, who brings in Karen Pittman’s businesswoman Willa Hayes to close a deal, and with them, at the ranch. And if you ask the cast, Jennifer Landon’s Teeter, who falls in the latter category, is the one to watch. Denim Richards (ranch hand Colby) describes her as someone “you just can’t prepare for,” while Kelly Reilly (John’s daughter Beth Dutton) says “she has the role of the season.”

Watch the video below for more from the cast and creator as they tease “big reveals,” more secrets, and Season 3.

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