‘Yellowstone’: Josh Holloway on Roarke’s ‘Spark’ With Beth & Threat to the Duttons

Josh Holloway Yellowstone Season 3 Roarke Morris Preview
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The wealthy Dutton ranching family, led by do-or-die patriarch John (Kevin Costner), has a new foe in Yellowstone Season 3: Roarke Morris, a hedge fund manager and land developer with local roots, played with slick, down-home charm by Lost alum Josh Holloway. Anyone set on crossing the Duttons had better watch out — especially after last summer’s finale, in which John and his ex-Navy SEAL son Kayce (Luke Grimes) killed the admittedly dirty Beck brothers after they sabotaged the ranch and kidnapped Kayce’s boy (the child was saved).

“Roarke is no stranger to cruel tactics,” Holloway says. “He’s used to dealing with business on both sides of the law. He’s definitely a threat.”

Before being cast as Yellowstone‘s Lear-jetting baddie, the actor was a fan of the contemporary Western, as well as a friend of cocreator Taylor Sheridan. They’d reined horses in a rodeo together and, avid anglers, traded “trout porn” photos (Holloway’s descriptor). The latter interest led Sheridan to write a fly-fishing scene for the first meeting of the single Morris and Beth (Kelly Reilly), John’s badass daughter. (The corporate raider angrily accuses him of trespassing in her river.)

“Beth is emasculating to most men. That doesn’t scare Roarke,” Holloway says. “There’s a spark, even though they are on opposite sides.”

Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 3

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The actor promises the action between Roarke and the Duttons will come to a guns-blazing head and then adds wryly, “I grew up in Georgia around a bunch of ranchers. I don’t remember there being that many deaths. This is like ranch Mafia!”

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