Netflix’s ‘Lenox Hill’ Looks Like the Real-Life ‘New Amsterdam’ (VIDEO)

Lenox Hill Netflix Docuseries Trailer
Courtesy of Netflix

If you’re missing the fictional worlds of your favorite TV doctors, Netflix is bringing you a look into the lives of the real heroes in scrubs and white coats in its newest docuseries.

The streaming service is releasing the eight-episode Lenox Hill, which looks like an IRL version of shows like New Amsterdam, on June 10.

Developed as a documentary series and directed by Ruthie Shatz and Adi Barash, the trailer introduces the “sleepy, little Upper East Side hospital competing with some of the greatest health institutions in the world.”

The series follows four doctors — two brain surgeons (Drs. David Langer and John Boockvar, Chair and Vice Chair of Neurosurgery, respectively), an emergency room physician (Dr. Mirtha Macri), and a Chief OBGYN Resident (Dr. Amanda Little-Richardson) — as they navigate the highs and lows of working at Lenox Hill in New York City. The docuseries also goes inside the doctors’ struggles balancing their personal and professional lives and the patients’ journeys.

Get to know the doctors and what drives them in the video below. See them dealing with the pressure, treating patients — whoever comes in —and more on the front lines.

Shatz and Barash also serve as executive producers with Josh Braun.

Lennox Hill, Docuseries Premiere, Wednesday, June 10, Netflix