‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Faves Meet ‘Lenox Hill’s Doctors (VIDEO)

Grey's Anatomy Lenox Hill Doctors Conversation

Whether you prefer scripted or unscripted medical shows, seeing the stars of Grey’s Anatomy talk with the doctors of Lenox Hill is a treat.

Chandra Wilson, Kim Raver, and Greg Germann of the ABC drama chatted with Dr. Langer, Dr. Boockvar, Dr. Little-Richardson, and Dr. Macri — who can be seen in the Netflix docuseries — about the importance of celebrating healthcare workers, representation, adjusting to working with cameras in TV shows and real life, and more.

'Lenox Hill' Follows the 'Dramatic, Inspiring & Sensitive' Moments of a HospitalSee Also

'Lenox Hill' Follows the 'Dramatic, Inspiring & Sensitive' Moments of a Hospital

'It's our hope that we can provide real-life role models for young people,' filmmaker Ruthie Shatz says of the real-life version of 'Grey's Anatomy.'

“I participated because I wanted to represent three things really clearly,” Dr. Little-Richardson said. “I wanted to represent Black people. I wanted to show us in different aspects of how maybe a lot of the general community may view us. I wanted to show Black families. My personal family, our relationship, and how cohesive we are, and loving, and supportive. And then I wanted to show women in medicine, and how we are strong and at the forefront.”

“We come from a place of tremendous respect,” Wilson said. “So, for whatever scene that’s taking place in the hospital rooms, any of the patient rooms, any of the equipment, especially in surgery … We want to make sure we’ve honored whatever field it is that we are supposed to be displaying at that time.”

Watch the complete conversation with the real doctors and the stars that portray fictional ones (who discuss what they’ve learned working on the set of Grey’s) below.

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