‘This Is Us’ Star Jon Huertas Gives Season 5 Production Update

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An update on This Is Us Season 5 has arrived as star Jon Huertas clarifies some comments he made during a Zoom chat with Governor Gavin Newsome of California along with other industry members ranging from Netflix’s Ted Sarandos to director Ava DuVernay.

Chatting about the challenges and solutions being made to work around the ongoing stay at home orders, Huertas, who plays Miguel in the NBC drama, mentioned that production on Season 5 could be delayed until January 2021.

“We have to go back into production to finish our storytelling, and we have a crew of two or three hundred people that work in close proximity. We consider ourselves a family, so when we talk about the protocols and the guidelines that we may be following when we get back to production… it’s really kind of daunting to all of us,” Huertas said about the attitude towards returning to production.

“The actors, we talk all the time. I was just on the phone with Dan Fogelman and we were talking,” Hertas continued, saying, “we may not go back into production until January depending on whether or not there’s a second wave, so as much as we’d like to get back online, we are very concerned about our crew as a family.”

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But after reports about the January date began circulating, Huertas took to social media for some clarification, putting emphasis on the word “may” in the statement “we may not go back into production until January.”

In a tweet that highlighted a headline published by Deadline, Huertas wrote, “Yo! #dontbelievethehype @nbcthisisus is prepping 2 begin shooting this fall! Writers r already working & the only reason we’d delay until Jan is if a bad 2nd wave of #covid19 were 2 hit hard…safety of our cast & crew is very important 2 us. Don’t worry, #thisisus is raring 2 go.”

Huertas mentioned in the video call that most productions in California aren’t allowed to begin until September, so if the coronavirus concerns wane by that point in time, production could return as early as this fall. This Is Us has been renewed through Season 6 at the network. Production on Season 5 was planned to begin later this year. Only time will tell if it will, but Huertas’ reassurance is sure to comfort the fans of NBC’s drama. Stay tuned for more details about the show’s return to production as updates arise.

Catch the full conversation featuring Huertas below.

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