‘This Is Us’: 5 Game-Changing Reveals From the Season 4 Finale (PHOTOS)

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This Is Us
This is us nicky

Nicky Gets Married

When Uncle Nicky gives Kevin a hug, we see the camera focus in on his hand which features a wedding ring. While there’s no one currently in Nicky’s life that doesn’t mean he can’t find love in the years between the present timeline and the future. One possibility could be Nicky’s connection to Cassidy. Still close despite Kevin’s absence from their ragtag group, perhaps she introduces him to her mother? After all, we know her father passed away and we could see him being a father figure to her now, but this is just a theory since we’re not even sure if Cassidy’s mother is alive.

This is us kevin

Kevin’s Twins’ Age

When we’re shown the flash forward at Rebecca’s bedside, a boy and girl call Kevin “dad,” aka they’re his twins with Madison. They appear to be about 10-12 years old, which indicates a more defined timeline, whereas before it was not clear how far into the future this scene was taking place. We still haven’t seen how old baby Jack is at this point, but it’s likely he is about two years older than the twins (around 12 or 14 years old). This also supports the theory that Kate and Toby aren’t together in the future because Jack wouldn’t be old enough to get himself to the family cabin to see his dying grandmother.

This is us madison cassidy

Cassidy’s Reappearance & Madison’s Role

When Cassidy enters Nicky’s trailer, she looks kind of sad when Kevin’s name is mentioned. While they agreed to go their separate ways, does it mean we’ve seen the last of her and Kevin together? Sure, he’s married in the flashforward, and it’s implied that he’ll have a pregnant fiancé in the very near future (aka Madison), but that doesn’t mean his story with Cassidy is entirely over. Perhaps Kevin’s epic love story won’t be as conventional as it seems. Just because he’s having twins with Madison doesn’t mean his future with Cassidy is shut off. Plus, agreeing to have a family doesn’t mean a lasting romance will come out of Kevin’s relationship with Madison.

This is us randall kevin

Kevin & Randall’s Peace

The brothers left things off on a very bad note in the Season 4 finale, but Kevin and Randall didn’t let the hate last according to their warm behavior towards each other in the future. We’re just hoping the bad blood doesn’t last too long as we’re not sure we can make it a whole season without seeing Randall and Kevin support each other in some way.

This Is Us

Jack’s Sister

Baby Jack’s sister, whose name we didn’t learn in the far future timeline, was introduced in last night’s episode. Likely the result of Toby and Kate’s adoption, we learn there’s more to their family in the coming years. But this girl could be Jack’s sibling in another way, as some fans have theorized the future breakup of Kate and Toby, and Kate signed documents in the near future as Kate Pearson. If they split, could this girl be Toby’s biological daughter? Only time will tell.

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[Warning: This gallery contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 4, Episode 18 of This Is Us, “Strangers: Part Two.”]

This Is Us served up some seriously game-changing details in the Season 4 finale’s final moments, from new family members to possible relationships. Needless to say, it was hard to keep jaws from hitting the floor as reveals came one after another.

Whether it was Kevin’s (Justin Hartley) twins or Jack Damon’s (Blake Stadnik) sister, there wasn’t a twist that didn’t leave viewers thinking long after the credits rolled.

In the gallery above, we’re breaking down the finale’s biggest surprises, including those twins, the sister, and Uncle Nicky’s wedding ring. Click through for some possible clarity, theories and more.

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