Amazon Announces ‘Regular Heroes’ Docuseries About Stories From the Frontlines of COVID-19

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Amazon Prime Video

Amazon is honoring the people battling COVID-19 on the frontlines as they prepare to launch Regular Heroes, a new docuseries premiering Friday, May 8.

The eight-episode series will feature a guest appearance by Alicia Keys in the premiere and new installments will be added weekly on Prime Video. Regular Heores highlights the contributions and personal sacrifices of just some of today’s most generous people who are going above and beyond to help their communities during the ongoing crisis.

Shining a light on the heroes working tirelessly in cities including New York City, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Chicago and Seattle among others, the show will also offer support and assistance with donations of goods, services and more in an effort to pay it forward and help their communities. Every Friday, a new story will be available for viewers.

In the premiere, New York native and multi-Grammy winner Alicia Keys will help shine a light on Trevor Henry, Burnell Cotlon and Athena Hayley as they make sacrifices for their communities. Keys’ new song “Good Job” will also be a part of the series as it’s featured throughout. Additonal talent and heroes will be revealed at a later date.

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“This show is Amazzziinngg!!! So pure and genuine! I’m happy to know this series will not only give support to but also put a face on the incredible people like Trevor, Burnell and Hayley. They are the ones we clap for each night at 7pm in New York. These are the Heroes. And I’m so honored to celebrate them!!” said Keys in a statement.

“We are so proud to celebrate people who are doing so much to transform the lives of people in their communities. This show is inspired by the individuals who give so much to others every day of the year but even more so during this challenging time. They are true role models and we can’t wait to share their stories with Prime Video customers everywhere,” added Head of Amazon Studios, Jennifer Salke.

Episode 1 is titled “A New Type of Hero” and features Alicia Keys along with New York City-based Trevor Henry, New Orleans-based Burnell Cotlon and Los Angeles-based Athena Hayley. Henry is a husband and father of four based out of the Bronx where he works as a Senior Inventory Specialist at HSS (Hospital for Special Surgery). Supporting doctors and nurses during his 10-hour days and helps his kids with schooling when he comes home to relieve his wife who is also an essential worker at a different hospital.

Cotlon has been a staple in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward for the past 10 years after he was inspired to open “Burnell’s 9th Ward Grocery” following Hurricane Katrina. Servicing customers who have faced massive layoffs, Cotlon does what he can to help, including donating food to those in need. And Hayley, after overcoming homelessness has set out on a mission to help others who have found themselves in a similar situation. Once she was off the streets herself, Hayley had rented out her living room just so she could make ends meet and put aside money to create “Love My Neighbor Foundation.” For the past five years she’s served as a family figure for residents of Skid Row as she helps feed and clothe people in need.

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Among other heroes highlighted, emergency workers, grocery store employees, farmers, bus drivers, delivery personnel, sanitation workers, police officers and more will take center stage. If you or someone you know is making an impactful difference in their community, you can apply by visiting

Catch a sneak peek at what’s to come with the video below and don’t miss Regular Heroes when it debuts this Friday on Amazon Prime Video.

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