‘The Last Narc’ Dives Into the Most Infamous Murder in the War on Drugs

The Last Narc
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In 1985, DEA agent Kiki Camarena was killed by an emerging drug cartel while on assignment in Mexico, and questions have surrounded his death ever since.

“This is the most infamous murder in the history of the War on Drugs,” says The Last Narc director Tiller Russell. (He’s right: The Netflix drama Narcos: Mexico covers Camarena’s story.)

Russell’s docuseries delves into the case to expose the truth. The series features interviews with special agent Hector Berrellez, who ran the DEA’s investigation into Camarena’s murder, as well as his cartel sources.

The Last Narc

(Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

“He braved threats from his own government and a spot on the cartel hit list to tell his story,” Tiller says of Berrellez. “He reveals what he uncovered about the players involved on both sides of the border.”

The Last Narc, Premiere, Friday, July 31, Amazon Prime Video