‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’: Jake Finds Hitchcock & Scully in a Compromising Position (VIDEO)

Laughs are in high demand at the moment and NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine is supplying the goods with its latest episode “Ransom.” Airing Thursday, April 16, the installment sees Jake (Andy Samberg) on a case near and dear to Holt (Andre Braugher).

But before the drama unfolds, Jake’s getting wrapped up in Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker) and Scully’s (Joel McKinnon) silly antics in an exclusive sneak peek.

The fan-favorite duo and police partners are back at it again as they prove they’re not the brightest bulbs in the Nine-Nine’s florescent ceiling tiles. In a scene that begins as an innocent dig at their coworkers, the buddies’ fun and games stop quickly as they’re interrupted.

“Can you believe this, Scully?” Hitchcock asks as he sits among the empty department floor. “Looks like we’re the only responsible people who show up on time anymore.”

“I know,” Scully answers. “And they’re always calling us lazy. But where are they now?”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Hitchcock Scully Jake

(Credit: NBC)

This is the key question: Why is the Nine-Nine empty except for Hitchcock and Scully? Jake answers the question when he enters the space wearing a hazmat suit. “Idiots!” Jake exclaims upon arriving. “What are you doing here? The building’s being fumigated.”

See how this news registers with the men by checking out the clip above and don’t miss a new Brooklyn Nine-Nine on NBC this week.

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