Netflix’s Next Reality Binge Is Here With the Steamy ‘Too Hot to Handle’ (VIDEO)

Too Hot to Handle Netflix

Netflix’s next reality binge is here with new dating show Too Hot to Handle, premiering Friday, April 17, on the streaming platform.

Fresh off the heels of Love Is Blind, this relationship series is taking a different approach to the genre. Gathering 10 hot, young singles from around the globe in a tropical paradise for what they’ve been told will be “the most exotic and erotic summer of their lives,” the show throws participants for a loop when it unveils a major twist.

The commitment-phobes, all prone to casual hookups, will be forced to give up any sexual activity for the entire retreat if they want to win the $100,000 prize. This means no kissing, heaving petting or self-gratification of any kind.

Any rule-breaking or slips will result in prize money reductions. This is done with the hopes of incentivizing the contestants to make stronger bonds with one another. “In this luxury no-bone zone, will serial singletons be able to form deeper emotional connections?”

Viewers will have to tune in to find out, but until then, check out the trailer below and don’t miss all eight episodes this month on Netflix. Too Hot to Handle is produced by Fremantle.

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