‘The Walking Dead’ Finale: Princess Leads the Others Into a Dangerous Situation (VIDEO)

The Walking Dead has wasted no time with introducing its latest comic book-based character.

The purple-haired Princess (Paola Lazaro), who only got a brief four-word introduction in last week’s episode, “Look at the Flowers,” (her “Oh my God, HI!” was the perfect first moment for this larger-than-life personality), looks to be going on an adventure with Eugene (Josh McDermitt), Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura) and Ezekiel (Khary Payton) in this Sunday’s episode.

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Season 10 has given us the relatable (heartthrob?!) Eugene we never saw coming.

“The Tower,” which is now the Season 10 finale episode of the zombie apocalypse series (the initial, planned finale will air later this year), will see the survivors preparing to go up against Beta (Ryan Hurst) and the Whisperers for the final battle in their war, while the gang who traveled to the city of Pittsburgh, where Princess has been dutifully positioning walkers in real-life scenarios, will find themselves in a different type of life-threatening scenario.

In the exclusive clip above, Princess uncovers one of Yumiko, Eugene and Ezekeil’s escaped horses… well, the horse’s head at least. At that moment, Princess decides to inform them that they’re standing in a minefield. It’s only “a small one” she protests, as she claims to know exactly where to go to avoid detonation… she thinks. Yikes.

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There's plenty of 'TWD' crossover with Marvel, at least where actors are concerned.

Spinoff series Fear the Walking Dead also saw a mine-related dilemma last year, when Dead transplant Morgan (Lennie James) stepped on one himself (but luckily, escaped). Let’s hope things fare better for our survivors in this episode.

Check out the video above for the full scene.

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