8 Times 'Walking Dead' Stars Appeared in Other Megahit Franchises (PHOTOS)

Emily Hannemann

We’ve all been there. You’re watching an episode of a show, a new character walks onscreen, and you’re suddenly wondering, “Where have I seen them before?” Or, much the opposite occurs: you’re watching a movie or a program, and all of a sudden, an actor you recognize from something else is there, playing a totally different character.

It’s always fun to see a cast member from one of your favorite shows playing another role … especially if one of those shows is The Walking Dead. After being on the air for 10 years, TWD has seen plenty of talented actors come and go — and often when they depart (or, for some, during breaks in filming), they go on to other huge franchises.

Here are eight examples of Walking Dead actors who have done just that.

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