What’s Up With Raelle & Scylla? ‘Motherland: Fort Salem’ Stars Weigh In (VIDEO)

Where my witches at?!

Oh yeah, they’re on Motherland: Fort Salem, protecting our country from balloon-toting terrorists. Freeform’s inventive and absorbing new drama, which imagines a world where witches are the military might defending the U.S., heads into Episode 3 this week and already, the mythology—and sorority—of these boot-camp badasses is developing nicely. There’s been battle magic, fatal ambushes and flashbacks to how our government made a deal to stop persecuting Salem’s witches in exchange for their protection. And along the way, we’ve met some very cool cadets training for the front lines.

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Demetria McKinney Promises 'Motherland: Fort Salem' Will Put a Spell on You

These witches of the upcoming Freeform series mean business.

But what of the blossoming romance between Raelle (Taylor Hickson) and Scylla (Amalia Holm)? Since the show refreshingly presents an alternate history free of gender norms or sexual restrictions, the relationship isn’t one of “Oooooh, lesbians!” but rather, ‘Ooooooh, one of you may be evil!” And we love it.

Above, Hickson and Holm share a little bit more about their characters and what they may conjure up as Motherland moves ahead with the battle to bring down the villainous organization known as The Spree.

Motherland: Fort Salem, Wednesdays, 9/8c, Freeform