‘The Goldbergs’ Sneak Peek: Bev Sees Faults in the Family Dynamic (VIDEO)

The Kremps are dropping in on The Goldbergs in the show’s latest episode and something smells fishy to matriarch Bev (Wendi McLendon-Covey).

In an exclusive clip for Wednesday’s installment,  “A Fish Story,” the neighboring family drops in on the titular clan after a father-son camping trip. The unexpected visit leads to some startling revelations for Bev who notices a stark difference between their family and her own.

“Good weekend, Beverly,” Virginia Kremp (Jennifer Irwin) greets Bev at the door holding a hook full of fish. “We come bearing trout,” she announces, holding up the offering. Meanwhile, Murray (Jeff Garlin) and Adam (Sean Giambrone) bicker in the background.

“Just stuff it in the mailbox like the rest of our easily offended neighbors,” Bev says defensively before Virginia reassures that the gesture is genuine. This is when Bev learns that they were caught by Charles (series creator Adam F. Goldberg’s childhood friend, Chad Kremp) and Chad (Jacob Hopkins).

The Goldbergs Adam Murray

(Credit: ABC/Evans Ward)

Hearing that the father and son are able to get along so well, she’s forced to see faults in her own husband and son’s dynamic as she approaches Murray and Adam. Will the Kremp’s dynamic spark and idea for Bev to do the same with her own family? Tune in to find out, but until then check out the hilarious clip above.

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