‘The Flash’s Victoria Park on Kamilla’s Fate, Eva’s Plan & Team Citizen

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 6, Episode 15 of The Flash, “The Exorcism of Nash Wells.”]

Eva’s (Efrat Dor) building her team out in the real world in The Flash Season 6.

At the end of Episode 14, Kamilla (Victoria Park) discovered that something wasn’t quite right with Iris’ (Candice Patton) image when she applied the prismatic filter to a photo on her camera. But because “it all happened so quickly and there probably wasn’t time to tell anybody,” Park pointed out to TV Insider, Mirror Iris was able to blast her away using some sort of gun.

What exactly did that gun do? That’s still up in the air after Episode 15, but we did see Park as her character’s mirror counterpart alongside Iris’, doing Eva’s bidding. What happened to the real Kamilla “will be revealed in the upcoming episodes,” the actress promised. “Kamilla is still somewhere.” (All Eva said was that she’s no longer a problem.)

Fans can also be rest assured that as the season progresses, they’ll get a clearer understanding of the dynamic between Eva and her mirror replicants. We’ve already seen Mirror Iris mirroring Eva, and “you’ll see all kinds of little tics that happen with her replicant, so that’ll play out in different ways,” Park said of her character’s counterpart. “We’re also going to explain a little more as well.”

The Flash Mirror Versions Kamilla Iris

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So far, Eva has her mirror replicants on retrievable duty, but as “her plan comes together,” The Flash will “reveal a little more with each episode,” Park teased. At the same time, the team of Barry (Grant Gustin), Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker), and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) are working on their own plan: to build a speed force as Barry’s powers dwindle. “The speed force thing is its own big problem,” the actress continued. “If Eva were to get wind of it, I’m sure she would try and use it to her purposes, but as of right now, they’re working on that and Eva’s working on her own thing. We’ll see how she gets the replicants involved and what happens moving forward.”

Fans have already seen Barry with Mirror Iris, and Park called it “a little scary” to think about your significant other with a mirror version. The series will address what’s going to happen when we see Cisco with Mirror Kamilla — he was busy helping Nash (Tom Cavanagh) deal with his Thawne problem — after a season of seeing the couple adjusting to being “as normal as you can be as part of Team Flash,” Park said. She’s enjoyed digging deeper into the relationship and “the support and love they have for one another.”

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The actress has had more to play with this season after spending much of last year in the dark. While she does think there are moments Kamilla has recalled how much easier life was before, she has enjoyed getting the chance “to be a working member of the team and to be in on things before even other people.”

Kamilla has worked in STAR Labs in Season 6, most recently alongside Chester (Brandon McKnight) in “Grodd Friended Me.” “It just proves how smart she is,” Park said. “She can watch what everyone’s doing and then pick it up really quickly and be a really valuable asset to the team.”

Team Citizen Cisco The Flash

Team Citizen and Cisco (Katie Yu/The CW)

Kamilla has also been part of the all-female Team Citizen, which the actress has enjoyed from both a story and actor standpoint. “I love Team Citizen. Everything with Team Citizen is so much fun,” she said. “[It’s] all women of color. … Everything about it has been really exciting. It’ll be fun to see that storyline continue to play out.”

Hopefully Kamilla can continue to be part of it, considering we don’t know where she is.

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