4 Reasons [SPOILER] Is Probably Still Alive on ‘The Walking Dead’

The Walking Dead Season 10 Connie
Spoiler Alert
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[WARNING: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 12, “Walk With Us.”]

Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead answered half of one of Season 10’s biggest questions: what happened to Magna (Nadia Hilker) and Connie (Lauren Ridloff)?

We now know Magna made it out alive… but we’re not sure whether the same can be said for her pal. Magna certainly isn’t sure, and it doesn’t seem like Connie had the good fortune to make it to Hilltop during the attack. But if she didn’t make it there, where’d she go? And is she even still alive?

Here’s why we think Walking Dead fans haven’t seen the last of Connie.

Magna’s Explanation Was Vague

There’s some wiggle room here, to say the least. Magna only knows that Connie’s hand slipped out of hers; it’s not as if she told Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura) that Connie had been bitten, or even that she didn’t make it out of the cave. It’s totally possible that Connie’s alive somewhere, still trapped with the rest of the horde — after all, it didn’t seem like Alpha took the whole of her dead army to Hilltop.

The Show Seems to be Trying to Accommodate Lauren Ridloff

Plenty of fans probably already know that Lauren Ridloff was cast in Marvel’s The Eternals. But fans might not know filming for the movie overlapped with the second half of Walking Dead Season 10 filming, meaning Ridloff was unavailable for much of those last eight episodes. In an interview with Insider, Angela Kang all but said part of the reason for trapping Connie in the cave was Ridloff’s unavailability, meaning that her lack of screentime was out of necessity. When Season 11 arrives, it’s possible Connie might get more time.

Maggie’s Return Might Mean Connie’s Survival

Angela Kang described Maggie (Lauren Cohan)’s return as “nick of time,” but what does that mean? It definitely might have nothing to do with Connie. But it could also mean that Maggie shows up just in time to save Connie’s life, and she might take her back to The Commonwealth or wherever Maggie’s been for all this time.

There’s Comics Precedent for It, Kind Of

Lastly, assuming Maggie plays a role in saving Connie’s life and takes her somewhere else, it’s possible the writers room is adapting part of Michonne’s comics storyline and giving it to Kelly (Angel Theory). In the source material, Michonne heads to The Commonwealth and makes a shocking discovery: her daughter is alive, and she’d been living there for years. Since Danai Gurira’s leaving the show, this story can’t go to her. But it’s possible it could go to Kelly, who assumes Connie’s dead — and then, when/if she makes the trip to The Commonwealth, she discovers her sister is very much alive. Also possibly taking this story is Yumiko, since based on info from the trailers and AMC, she’s part of the initial expedition to the new community.

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