Does ‘The Bachelor’ Finalist Madison Prewett Drink?


The Bachelor fans learned earlier this season that Madison Prewett is not having sex before marriage, and fans learned last night that the Alabama native abstains from drinking alcohol, as well.

The question was raised following a scene on last night’s episode in which Peter Weber and the 23-year-old celebrate their date not with the usual champagne, but with some sparkling apple juice. This comes a couple weeks after the Prewetts opted for sweet tea with dinner instead of the expected wine during Madison’s hometown date with Peter.

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Though previous contestants have made the decision to stay away from alcohol during filming, some fans were shocked to find out about Madison’s choice.

“Madison, girrrrrl. This show has sex AND alcohol. Not sure why you thought coming on this show was going to be a good idea,” one fan tweeted during the episode.

“Uh hold the phone does Madison not consume alcohol?” another wrote.

ABC’s Senior Vice President of Alternative Series, Specials & Late Night-Programming, Robert Mills, confirmed fans’ suspicions Madison on Twitter on Monday, March 9.

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Fans began speculating Peter's contestants were dating following an Instagram post earlier this week.

“Madi doesn’t drink. Not a big thing with her. She just doesn’t do it,” he responded after someone tweeted, “We made it through the entire scene and they never explained the sparkling apple juice. @Millsy11374, plz explain.”

Though Madi’s decision to remain a virgin until marriage has been a major focal point throughout the latter half of the season, her choice not to drink has, thankfully, not been made into a big deal.

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