6 Reasons ‘The Masked Singer’s White Tiger Is Probably This Super Bowl Champ

Masked Singer Season 3 White Tiger
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The Masked Singer is just a few episodes away from securing their Top 9 for Season 3, and while Group C has yet to perform, a Group A member’s identity has become clearer since they first took to the stage.

While speaking voices are altered for TV, clues and hints shared within contestants’ intros allow insight with each passing episode. Among them is a contestant that has proven they may not be the best singer, but are definitely a rowdy performer when their time in the spotlight arrives.

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Who Are the ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 3 Contestants? Best Guesses & Reveals So Far

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Considering this star’s bold stage presence, their bright personality and some revealing clues about their history, it’s becoming clearer that this singer hails from a successful sports team. Pairing all of this information with what viewers have seen so far, the White Tiger has to be Super Bowl champion and former New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski.

1. Stature

Undoubtedly Season 3’s tallest competitor so far, White Tiger’s stature has repeatedly been recognized by the panelists. This rings true for Gronkowski, who measures in at 6-feet, 6-inches tall.

Gronkowski White Tiger Masked Singer

(Credit: Greg Gayne / FOX; Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

2. The Voice

While White Tiger’s not known for vocals, it’s clear he’s not shy to get on stage and belt a tune. Such is the case for Gronkowski. Despite being an athlete by nature, this former Patriot has time and again taken to a microphone for a musical performance or two. Listening to Gronk and White Tiger side-by-side prove there’s more than a few similarities between them.

3. Loves a Good Block Party

One of the clues presented in White Tiger’s package included that he “loves a good block party.” This could be a reference to Gronk’s game days as a tight end for New England. Known as an effective blocker, the athlete’s gameplay was referenced as a block party in different news coverage. He’s also been known to enjoy a good party or two.

Rob Gronkowski

(Credit: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Wrangler)

4. Gettysburg Address

In a White Tiger clue package, a poster for the Gettysburg Address was shown at one point, and while that may not be linked to the Patriots or Gronk’s youth growing up in New York, it could be a reference to his high school days. Gronkowski attended Woodland Hills High in Pittsburgh, a city just a few hours’ drive from Gettysburg.

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5. Work Hard, Play Harder

While the quote of “Work Hard, Play Harder,” may seem like an cliched motivational line, the clue presented in White Tiger’s intro could refer to a title Gronkowski earned on NFL.com. He was declared the “Hardest Working Man” for his plays in 2011 and 2012.

Rob Gronkowski New England Patriots

(Credit: Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

6. Tiger

Contestants’ costumes typically refer to something important in their history, and while Gronkowski would be a giveaway in a Patriots mascot recreation, he may not be so obvious as a White Tiger. During his days attending school at the University of Arizona, Gronk played football for the Arizona Wildcats team.

So, who do you think White Tiger is behind the mask? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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