‘Judge Judy’ Ending After 25 Years — Relive 6 Great Moments (VIDEO)

Judge Judy
Ron Jaffe/CBS

It’s the end of an era! The long-running courtroom series Judge Judy will come to an end after 25 years on air. Judge Judith Sheindlin shared the news during a taping of the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Over the years, the show has become a daytime staple as Sheindlin handles small-claims cases for fans to watch from the comfort of their homes. The 25th season will conclude in 2021 as the TV judge sets her sights on the future with her new series, Judy Justice, set to launch not long after.

Below, we’re rounding up some great moments that represent the spirit of the show, from its signature quick cases and heartwarming exchanges to downright stupid admissions.

Less Than a Minute

In this case, the defendant responds to the plaintiff’s claims by accidentally admitting guilt, which effectively throws out the case. In a wild turn, the case is over before a minute is through.


Here, Judge Judy attempts to illustrate a picture for the defendant by using some modern hand gestures. When she gives her version of the “loser” sign, she then declares that the use of it will make her granddaughter happy.

Dog’s Choice

In a case focusing on the custody of a dog, Judge Judy gives the canine a chance to choose by having the pup brought into the court room and placed on the ground. Ultimately, the dog ran to the person he was happiest with in a sweet moment.

There’s No Crying in Court

When a plaintiff becomes hysterical in the courtroom, Judge Judy has not time for it and isn’t gentle with her response. This has happened quite often in her show’s history, which is what people have come to love from the TV judge.

Failed Jokes

Some defendants attempt to steal their 15 minutes while on the show, which is on display this case in which a man makes a crude joke about Judge Judy’s daughter. Needless to say, she put the jokester in his place.

Over-Dramatic Reaction

Judge Judy can be quite blunt with her rulings, and in some cases, this can lead to wild reactions. This particular case’s plaintiff has quite the response when the defendant’s counter-claim is awarded as opposed to her initial claim.

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