Tammy Loses Her Temper With the Women in ‘Bachelor’ Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Tammy The Bachelor

Things are getting heated on the February 3 episode of The Bachelor. But hey, what’s new?!

Last week’s episode of the ABC show ended on a cliffhanger, as leading man Peter Weber is still figuring out how to handle all the drama going on inside the house.

Not only is he having to deal with the repercussions of bringing Alayah back into the fold, but judging by a sneak peek from tonight’s episode, he’ll also be forced to deal with the women coming at one another… again.

In the video, Tammy confronts Kelsey over what she said to him during one of their conversations.

“What exactly was said about me in your conversation with Peter?” Tammy asks before Kelsey responds with, “All I said was you accused me of having a drinking problem.”

The rest of the women are not happy with Tammy bringing up other people in her conversations with Peter, but Tammy then claims Sydney did the same thing previously with Alayah.

“He [Peter] brought up Alayah, so don’t you ever try me one more time, Tammy,” Sydney fights back.

“You shut the f*** up. There were people in that f***ing group date and you said, ‘There’s someone here that wasn’t here for the right reasons.’ You didn’t even think he was going to ask you?” Tammy fires back at Sydney.

Needless to say, tonight’s episode is going to test Peter’s patience, as he’ll have to figure out which women are truly here for the right reasons.

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