Michael Weatherly Addresses That Tiva Update From DiNozzo’s Father on ‘NCIS’

Tiva NCIS Reunion Michael Weatherly Cote de Pablo
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Tony (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva (Cote de Pablo) have reunited (off-screen) on NCIS … right?

Tuesday’s episode of the CBS drama certainly seemed to confirm the family is back together, thanks to letters sent from DiNozzo’s father (Robert Wagner). “Senior’s still in Paris with the fam,” Palmer (Brian Dietzen) reported to the rest of the team. “Apparently, by reuniting Ziva with Tony and Tali, NCIS has made him the ‘happiest pop-pop’ ever.”

However, Weatherly suggested that all may not be what it seems in a tweet Wednesday. “The thing to remember about DiNozzo Sr. is that he is extremely gullible. Most Con-Men are,” the Bull star wrote. “You didn’t see a family reunion happen (or a long ago death happen!)… so maybe it didn’t happen?”

Ziva was presumably killed off off-screen back in Season 13, when Weatherly left, only to show up in Gibbs’ (Mark Harmon) basement in the Season 16 finale and confirm she was actually alive. After eventually taking care of the person who wanted her dead, she was free to reunite with her family, and in de Pablo’s last appearance, her character left to do just that in Paris.

Could Weatherly’s comments mean that there is more to the story? Could it be that there could be an on-screen reunion in the future? It’s more likely that he’s just teasing fans — and recalling his character’s father’s history — but given that the show was telling us Ziva was dead for years, we never know what could be coming up.

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