‘NCIS’ Offers an Update on Ziva’s Reunion With Tony & Tali in Paris

NCIS Season 17 Ziva Tony Reunion Update
Spoiler Alert
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 17, Episode 16 of NCIS, “Ephemera.”]

When NCIS fans last saw Ziva (Cote de Pablo), she was ready to reunite with her family in Paris. But that reunion with Tony (Michael Weatherly) and Tali happened off-screen.

In “Ephemera,” the team got an update on the family’s life in Paris via thank you letters from DiNozzo Senior (Robert Wagner). “Senior’s still in Paris with the fam,” Palmer (Brian Dietzen) reported. “Apparently, by reuniting Ziva with Tony and Tali, NCIS has made him the ‘happiest pop-pop’ ever.”

Going off of that, we can assume that Tony and Ziva are finally enjoying a happy life together, with their daughter, without people trying to kill them, and without one of them having to fake his or her death. Therefore, it might be for the best if we don’t see either of them again; it could only mean trouble if we do.

NCIS Paris Update Tony Ziva Tali Senior


It was also up to Palmer to deliver the other part of Senior’s gratitude: hugs. And since everyone knows he’s a terrible liar, McGee (Sean Murray), Bishop (Emily Wickersham), and Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) joined him in a lukewarm hug. (Bishop found out about an increase in her rent, one of McGee’s kids is sick, and Torres is still suffering the effects of getting hit by that car in the form of hospital bills.) Gibbs’ (Mark Harmon) hug, on the other hand, was “warm.”

And this likely won’t be the last we hear about Tony, Ziva, and Tali’s life in Paris. Executive producers Steven D. Binder and Frank Cardea previously told TV Insider that Wagner will be returning to NCIS this season. “He is introduced on a personal nature and then gets involved in the telling of the story of the case,” Cardea teased.

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