Patricia Heaton Previews the ‘Carol’s Second Act’ Finale Love Triangle

Patricia Heaton Carol's Second Act Finale Preview
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Dr. Carol Kenney (Patricia Heaton, above, standing) has come a long way in her internship at Loyola Memorial Hospital on Carol’s Second Act. She’s won over her much younger colleagues, struck up a friendly flirtation with Dr. Stephen Frost (Kyle MacLachlan), and recently found romance with surgeon Dr. Victor Lewis (Patrick Fabian).

But the delicate balance is in jeopardy in the freshman comedy’s season finale, when Lewis and Frost go head-to-head for the chief of staff position — and Carol’s new man asks her to reconsider accepting the honor of presenting a case at their staff meeting.

Heaton offers us a preview.

How has Carol evolved this season?

Patricia Heaton: It’s been a great journey for Carol to have the enthusiasm she has about finally being able to do what she loves. She’s doubted her choices at moments, wondering if she indeed made the right decision to do something [this] difficult instead of retiring. She has been challenged by cases, tested a lot. [Now] she’s struggling with, can I have both [this career and this relationship]? It’s a wonderful thing to explore.

Kyle MacLachlan Patrick Fabian Carol's Second Act Frost Lewis

(Sonja Flemming/CBS)

Did you have any input in the casting of Dr. Lewis?

I weigh in on all the casting. You want to be able to have some chemistry with the person. I think Patrick Fabian is just terrific. I’ve admired him in Better Call Saul, and we’ve met at various showbiz functions and follow each other on Twitter. So it was really nice to be able to have him on the show.

How does that relationship impact Carol’s dynamic with her fellow interns at the hospital?

They’ve encouraged Carol to take that step and start having a social life. And yet, does [dating Dr. Lewis] give her a leg up in this very competitive world?

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She ends up in a bit of a love triangle.

She’s not that aware of Dr. Frost’s interest. How she sees Dr. Frost and how Dr. Frost sees her are two different things. Can you be friends with the opposite sex? It’s an age-old question [that] I don’t think will ever be answered. And when you’re looking for love later in life, what does being in a relationship mean? It’s about companionship and being supported.

Carol’s Second Act, Season Finale, Thursday, March 12, 9:30/8:30c, CBS