He Said/She Said With Martin Freeman & Daisy Haggard of FX’s ‘Breeders’

Breeders Martin Freeman Daisy Haggard
Corey Nickols

In FX’s Breeders, a brutally honest — and hilarious — look at the rigors of raising kids, cocreator Martin Freeman (Sherlock) and Daisy Haggard (Back to Life) star as Paul and Ally, long-suffering partners who find themselves at odds when it comes to their not-always-perfect offspring.

Ironically, the pair seem to share a mind when it comes to our He Said/She Said survey!

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When did you first meet?

Martin Freeman: I first met Daisy in the early 2000s, either at a party or a workshop or something; I can’t quite remember the details.

Daisy Haggard: At a sitcom reading that he came to watch many years ago.

What was your first impression?

Martin Freeman: My impression was that she was funny and fun. And could play Rapunzel.

Daisy Haggard: I was starstruck, as I loved [the U.K.’s] The Office, but I tried desperately to pretend I wasn’t. Also, I remember thinking he was a snappy dresser.

Breeders FX Martin Freeman

(Credit: Miya Mizuno/FX)

How would you say your acting styles are most alike?

Martin Freeman: I think we share a similar approach to our work, which is how she came to be in the show anyway. We’re both quite natural, but we know where the funny is.

Daisy Haggard: I don’t think about my acting style much at all! But we both care about being truthful and natural and are more interested in finding the comedy from the small, real moments.

Who cracked up the kids on set most?

Martin Freeman: Hmmm, I’m not sure. Maybe me? I was a bit more likely, I think, because I would have slept more than Daisy during filming.

Daisy Haggard: Martin made them giggle a lot. He can be brilliantly silly. I’m a terribly serious person. (l’m not.)

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As a parent of two yourselves, what’s the worst parenting advice you’ve heard so far?

Martin Freeman: I’ve never listened that much to parenting advice. I take it from my kids nowadays, which mainly consists of them telling me to breathe.

Daisy Haggard: During my daughter’s 2-year-old assessment, she had a tantrum and started hitting me. [The nurse] told me, “Ignore her and she’ll stop.” She didn’t remotely. In fact, she pulled up a chair to stand on and hit me more.

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