Was Victoria P.’s Elimination From ‘The Bachelor’ Planned All Along?

Victoria P's Bachelor Elimination
ABC/Jason A LaVeris

Fans were shocked during last night’s episode of The Bachelor when Peter Weber said goodbye to frontrunner Victoria Paul. But while the pageant queen’s premature departure was unexpected, a new revelation may prove that Victoria had no plans for sticking around much longer anyway.

According to Reality Steve, “The day after Victoria Paul left Chile, she was back in Louisiana [crowning] her successor at Miss Louisiana USA. I’m guessing she had a timeline in her head of that date, if she hadn’t reached a certain level with Peter, she would leave… The timing is too coincidental though, so it definitely played a role.”

And she was, in fact, present at the Miss Louisiana USA competition:

But would she have attended the pageant if Peter didn’t express his doubts? That, we may never know. During the breakup, the pilot told her he didn’t see her as his wife. Victoria appeared shocked as she broke down in tears.

“When I look at you I see someone that I want to fight for,” she told him. “I just want to feel really good about us. I want to feel like you want the same things that I do in the future.”

But ultimately Peter just wasn’t feeling as strongly for the 27-year-old. “Maybe you are more secure and confident in us that I am,” he said, before sending her home.

Fans watching at home were just as surprised as Victoria about the elimination and took to Twitter to express their frustration in Peter’s decision.


Now, with only six women left in the competition — Kelley, Madison, Natasha, Hannah Ann, Victoria F., and Kelsey — Peter must make a decision as to who will end up as his wife.

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