‘Faking It’ EP Carter Covington On New Year’s Eve and the Series Finale


Hester High might be ringing in the new year, but Faking It will be closing its doors for the last time when the MTV comedy airs its season finale on Tuesday.

When the show last left off, Karma and Felix (Katie Stevens and Parker Mack) had not only discovered that Sabrina (Sophia Taylor Ali) had a long-distance boyfriend, but they inadvertently brought him to Amy’s mom’s Christmas party, to which Amy (Rita Volk) had invited her old friend as her current date. Upset at Sabrina’s lies, Amy broke up with her, unable to believe that she hadn’t been faking her feelings for her.

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Meanwhile, Shane (Michael J. Willett) was conflicted about what his feelings for Noah (Elliot Fletcher) meant about his sexuality. But when he attempted to discuss them with his beau, Noah felt like maybe Shane didn’t fully see him as the man he is, causing him to break up with him. At the same time, Liam (Greg Sulkin) and Lauren (Bailey De Young) are mistaken for a real couple when they pretend to be one when Theo (Keith Powers), her ex, shows up at the party with his girlfriend.

With only one more episode left and everyone’s New Year’s Eve plans up in the air, TV Insider spoke to showrunner Carter Covington about what we can expect when the clock strikes midnight.

Tell me about the finale.
We’ve been building up to this New Year’s moment because Felix can date at the strike of midnight. Amy has realized that Sabrina was lying to her about her sexuality, at least at the beginning and she’s kind of kicked her out of her life and decided now that she’s gonna get back on that task with Felix which is complicated because now Karma is conflicted about whether Felix and Amy should be together. That’s the big complication for the series finally, and then we also have Shane trying to get Noah to forgive him. We have Lauren and Liam caught in a fake relationship that’s gonna culminate with New Years where everybody kisses in front of a crowd.

In the previews we saw that like Sabrina might really have feelings for Amy. Is Karma fine with that? Would she accept Sabrina knowing that her feelings for Amy might’ve been real.
Karma does not trust Sabrina in the least. She is very suspicious of her as she should be, especially as Amy’s best friend. Something will happen in the finale that makes her question whether or not Sabrina really is faking it.

How’s Amy doing after what happened with Sabrina?
Amy is putting on a strong face but deep down, she’s really hurt because she felt like Sabrina was a chance to have what she couldn’t have with Karma, a close friend who she develops feelings for who loves her back. She’s really sad and really wounded that Sabrina turned out to be faking it.

That’s really interesting because it feels like she’s kind of gone through Amy’s arc, sort of, where like Sabrina was faking it with Amy but now she really fell for her.
Yeah, I think we looked at it as Sabrina had this deep connection with Amy and when they were in camp, and now that she’s back, she wants her to be her best friend again and this connection is still there. It’s so intense that it leads her to this crazy competition with Karma who is Amy’s true best friend. In the finale, she ends up looking at why she’s so upset and why Amy’s friendship means so much to her and she realizes that her feelings for her were real and true.

Karma and Felix seemed like they’re definitely having a moment. Is that something she’s thinking about as Karma is having doubts about Amy possibly getting together with Felix?
Karma’s feelings about Felix have complicated this deeper. They both wanted to protect Amy and she’s seeing what a great guy he is. It’s kind of like in both trying to protect Amy, they’ve both seen the qualities in each other that Amy loves and it makes them attracted to each other. They’re discovering that they have feelings for each other that they didn’t realize.

How do both of Lauren and Liam kind of feel about being in a fake relationship like this?
We were really tickled when we came up with the idea about the two of them pretending to be a couple. It has a nice call back to the original premise of our show and Karma and Amy’s pretending to be a couple, but Liam would be totally abhorred to do it, but could be convinced by Lauren when he sees what it means to her to be in this fake relationship, specifically last episode when Theo came back and he stepped in. We wanted him to be noble in that moment and really step up for her and try to help her and then she takes it and runs with it. The finale is going to be him trying to get out of it. He hates being in a fake relationship, but Lauren trying to keep him in it until her purposes are met.

Noah was really hurt by what Shane said. Is there any hope for them?
There’s always hope. We have a very rewarding finale for that story line. Someone from Noah’s past is gonna show up at the New Years party and it’s an opportunity for Shane to show Noah that he really does see him as Noah.

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I was really impressed that Shane was able to keep the secret as long as he has because as we’ve seen before, that secrets do not last long with him at all.
Yes, and we wanted to redeem him a bit and show that he’s learned through the course of the series how important it is to keep people’s secrets that he needs to. We really wanted to show him, and especially in Episode 9, really struggle with secrecy and trying to not out someone.

One of the things I really enjoyed this season, just seeing how everyone has really matured in the last three years.
Thank you, I’m glad to hear you say that. We wanted the show to feel that it wasn’t repetitive, that the characters were learning and that they felt as real people as possible because if you’re not learning from your mistakes, you’re bound to just keep repeating them. I just don’t want to watch that.

Anything you want to tell fans about the finale?
I would say that even though the show has not been renewed, we crafted a finale that we hope will be a rewarding series finale and I hope everyone tunes in.

Faking It, Series Finale, Tuesday, May 17, 10:30/9:30c, MTV.