The Past Comes Back to Haunt ‘Blindspot’s Weller (VIDEO)


Heartache just loves to mess with the Weller family.

When hackers infiltrate the FBI building during tonight’s episode, the ensuing lockdown gives the team a bit too much time to get all up in their heads. And for Weller (Sullivan Stapleton), that means stressing out over nephew Sawyer’s potential reaction to his critically ill grandfather’s impending death. The potential trauma, he is reminded, eerily echoes Kurt’s childhood pain over the allegations that Papa Weller (Jay O. Sanders) had abducted and tortured his childhood friend Taylor Shaw.

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Of course we now know (or at least have been led to think) that Jane (Jaimie Alexander) is Taylor, although who knows. We still have a couple episodes and on this show, things can change at the drop of the hat. Or in the case of this exclusive clip, the sudden arrival of two people out of an air vent.

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