Investigation Discovery Aims to Present ‘Hard Evidence’ on O.J. Simpson

Hard Evidence
OJ Simpson, Barry Scheck, Johnnie Cochran Jr and Robert Shapiro

Does the trial of the 20th century need a do-over? Investigation Discovery has gone into production on Hard Evidence: O.J. Is Innocent, a six-part docuseries—based on the findings of famed private investigator William C. Dear—that claims the real killer of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman is still out there. Sure, this show might sound about as crackpot as Fox’s Alien Autopsy (which Dear also had a hand in), but ID Group President Henry Schleiff swears it’s no scam job.

“Like many people, I was convinced O.J. Simpson was guilty of the murders, but what we’ve uncovered has really given me pause,” Schleiff says. “Bill has what he believes is the actual murder weapon. There is also new forensic evidence and an eyewitness never interviewed at the time of the crime.” In a 2012 book, Dear alleged that the killer was Simpson’s son Jason, but Schleiff won’t say if ID points the finger directly at him.

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Making all this even wilder is renowned actor Martin Sheen, who is putting his reputation on the line as the project’s executive producer and narrator. “We will present our case in a way that’s vigilant and methodical, and any rational human being will be astonished by what we’ve found,” Sheen says. “If you think O.J. is guilty, fine. Hang on to that. But give us a fair hearing.”

Sheen first met Simpson when they costarred in the 1976 action flick The Cassandra Crossing and continued to see him socially over the years, so he admits his personal feelings are at play here. Says Sheen: “When the murder charges came, I said, ‘It’s not possible. O.J. is not capable of doing that. That is not the man I know.’ And I still think I’m right.”