Nicole Richie Teases a ‘Very Over the Top’ Wedding on ‘Bless This Mess’

Nicole Richie Bless This Mess Preview
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Nicole Richie is heading back to farm life on ABC’s comedy Bless This Mess for a guest arc that is going to shake things up in Rio (Lake Bell) and Mike’s (Dax Shepard) lives.

“Going back and being on a ranch and working in that environment was a lot of fun,” Richie told TV Insider. “The comedy on this show is just so smart, a lot of room for improv and just really appreciating comedy.”

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Richie will recur as Rio's NYC BFF in Season 2.

Richie recurs as Rio’s NYC BFF, Sierra, described as someone who would say she’s from Brooklyn but is “a spoiled Upper-East-Sider through and through.” She’s come to the “super rustic, kind of gross” farm to host her wedding.

Here, Richie previews her guest arc and bringing New York to Nebraska.

What’s Sierra’s life like?

Nicole Richie: Her life is full of art. Never being told no. She’s obsessed with big words. She loves using big words. She’s a city girl through and through. She looks at their new life like they moved to a different country.

Bless This Mess Mike Rio Sierra

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How has Sierra and Rio’s friendship changed as a result of the latter’s move?

Over the course of the few episodes, you do see how they’ve changed and how much Rio has changed. They don’t necessarily live the same lives anymore and that can cause some conflict, but how these two friends work through that.

What does she think of Mike and Rio’s relationship?

For her, she’s like, “great, you want to be married, fine, but I did love you more single in a selfish way.” But she loves Mike.

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Speaking of liking Rio how she was, in photos released, it looks like Rio and Sierra get up to some partying. Is that Sierra trying to bring their old life back?

It’s her throwing her Sierra spin on bringing a little bit of New York to Nebraska.

How does Sierra shake things up for life on the farm?

You see a lot of city behavior. You see Rio and Mike’s old life and their new life blended together, so it’s really, really fun.

Sierra’s hosting her wedding at the farm. What does she have in mind for the event?

It’s very over the top, lots of surprises. It’s a very visual episode. There’s definitely a twist at the end as far as the wedding is concerned.

What are fans going to enjoy most about seeing your character in this environment?

The juxtaposition of Sierra’s character and where she’s from with Rio and Mike’s home is really funny, just to see the different way people live their lives. … It’s a true mix of Rio’s old life and her new life. To Sierra, these people are aliens, and to those people, Sierra’s an alien.

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The actors, who play married couple Mike and Rio in the new ABC series, are nothing like their clueless characters.

Could Sierra ever live the farm life like Rio?

I don’t necessarily see that in her cards, but I think she could come back for a visit.

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