Everything We Know About the Potential ‘Outlander’ Spinoff

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After years of rumors, the chances of an Outlander spinoff seem even greater with each passing day.

Fans were given hope during the show’s appearance at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour where Starz boss Jeffrey Hirsch expressed interest in expanding the universe inspired by Diana Gabaldon’s series of books.

'Outlander' Likely Continuing Past Season 6, Starz Hints at SpinoffsSee Also

'Outlander' Likely Continuing Past Season 6, Starz Hints at Spinoffs

The universe could be expanding at the network.

Below, we’re breaking down everything we know about the possible spinoff(s) so far.


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Hirsch spoke about two possibilities, one featuring the fan-favorite character of Lord John Grey (David Berry) and the younger generation of characters. It’s been buzzed-about that a Lord John Grey series could become a reality since Gabaldon’s written a collection of novellas about the character.

“We just started to think about what the story is,” Hirsch had told Deadline in regards to a spinoff. “There’s the next generation of cast in the show, which could be a rich story. We’ve tossed it around with Sony but there’s nothing in the development process.”

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Meanwhile, when it comes to a Lord John Grey series, he told EW, “We continue to talk on a regular basis about developing the story line around Outlander. It’s something that we are aware of. We want to continue to serve that audience with what we think are the best stories.”


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If Starz were to develop the Lord John Grey story, it would be safe to assume that David Berry would fill the familiar role. Jamie is also present in the source material that would inspire the show, so it’s possible Sam Heughan would be involved if it did come to light.


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Without anything currently in development, the arrival of a possible series seems far off, if ever. Considering Outlander‘s ordered through Season 6, perhaps it would be an opportune time to announce a spinoff alongside a Season 7 renewal? At least we can hope.


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The team behind Outlander seems eager to continue, as executive producer Maril Davis said at TCA, “there are still many more books to go. We’re willing if the actors are willing.”

Right now, the series does well for Starz, as Hirsch told EW, “I think it will continue to grow an audience as we continue to build our direct-to-consumer business that allows consumers on a cost-effective basis to get into the show at $8.99, versus buying a $140 cable package.

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“I think we’ll continue to bring more and more audience to the show,” Hirsch continued. “And it’s also helped us figure out what we want to build around it.”

If Starz does continue to renew Outlander, the chances for a spinoff certainly go up. Only time will tell if the spinoff comes to light, but the fact that conversations are taking place is promising.

Stay tuned for any updates as they’re announced.

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