‘I Am Jazz’ Is Coming Back to TLC for Season 6 (VIDEO)

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It’s the most intimate journey yet for the transgender youth in the new season of I Am Jazz.

Jazz Jennings’ day-to-day life isn’t slowing down, as she maneuvers through her senior year of high school. The next season of I Am Jazz premieres Tuesday, January 28 on TLC.

Jazz began her transition to becoming the girl that she has always been at the age of five, and she dreamed that one day her inner and outer self would be in alignment.

Now, the transgender teen advocate continues in her most intimate journey yet, undergoing another procedure related to the gender affirmation surgery that viewers followed last season.

Greg Jennings, Jacky Barie, Jack Barie, Jeanette Jennings, Sander Jennings, Jazz Jennings (TLC)

After nervously awaiting her college admissions letters, Jazz must make a difficult decision between attending the elite Harvard University or faraway Pomona College; plus, as the valedictorian of her class and with graduation fast approaching, she is confronted with the pressure of writing a highly anticipated speech.

With multiple life-changing events, Jazz struggles to maintain balance and becomes increasingly overwhelmed by the mounting pressures of life.

I Am Jazz, Season Premiere, Tuesday, January 28, 9/8c, TLC