Can You Match the TV Commercial Voiceover to the Celebrity? (VIDEO)

TV Commercial Voices
Mercedes-Benz, Apple, Southwest Airlines, Visa

Some Hollywood stars don’t mind stepping in front of the camera for TV commercials — hello, Lincoln driver Matthew McConaughey — while others believe it’s better to be heard and not seen.

Nevertheless, companies pay big bucks to have A-listers narrate their ads, often enlisting “approachable” voices to remind viewers of a “trusted peer, friend or family member,” according to a 2018 report.

Can you identify the famous voices behind the TV spots below? We’ll give you some hints with each clip… and provide the answers at the bottom of the page.

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We’ll start with an easy one: The Academy Award winner narrating this Visa spot is known for his “Voice of God.”

Apple enlisted an actress who once played a punkish hacker to talk digital privacy.

When she’s not pitching American Express’ “More Secure World,” this actress is ensuring a more secure world on a spy drama.

The actor behind this Mercedes-Benz commercial knows a thing or two about advertising.

Before selling viewers on Esurance, this TV star sold paper on a popular sitcom.

That Esurance ad narrator played the love interest of this Southwest Airlines voice actor on the same show.

The actor heard at the end of this Dunkin’ Donuts commercial is a famous TV patriarch.

This actress has gone from a hospital drama to a legal drama to a Chase gig.

Before he played a “Man in Black” on television, this Oscar nominee voiced Home Depot spots.


Visa: Morgan Freeman

Apple: Rooney Mara

American Express: Claire Danes

Mercedes-Benz: Jon Hamm

Esurance: John Krasinski

Southwest Airlines: Rashida Jones

Dunkin’ Donuts: John Goodman

Chase: Julianna Margulies

Home Depot: Ed Harris