Samantha Bee Is Super Confused About Super Delegates (VIDEO)

Samantha Bee Superdelegates

Guns blazin’! Last night on TBS’s Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Samantha returned from a two-week hiatus ready to tackle a pair of super mysterious figures on the sociopolitical landscape: the superdelegate and Eddie Eagle.

The former — potential game changers at the Democratic National Convention who can vote however they please — sprung from Bee’s observation that the race for the Dem nomination is getting a bit testy. Or as Bee put it, after playing clips of Secretary Clinton and Bernie Sanders sniping away, “Nana and Zaydee are getting a divorce.”

The latter? The NRA mascot you probably didn’t even know they had. As Bee discovers — in completely hilarious, but unnerving, fashion — there is a good reason for that.

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First things first. Alluding to a recent NPR report about a Sanders supporters’ “superdelegrate hit list,” Bee admitted her own super-limited knowledge about the Democratic powerholders.

“Do you even know what superdelgrates are? I didn’t. That’s why we had to go away for two weeks,” Bee cracked before launching into a 3-minute explanation that blended Charles Manson, Gerald Ford, the Joker, Harley Quinn, Hubert Humphrey, Jimmy Carter, George McGovern, Ted Kennedy, Chappaquiddick and the Wizard of Oz into a surprisingly effective bite-size lesson about the people and the process.

Then she went in search of Eddie.

Long story short, Eddie is the feathery face of the National Rifle Association’s 28-year-old Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program which teaches kids what to do if they spot a gun. Which goes something like this:

“Stop. Don’t touch. I’m Eddie Eagle …and I like ya too much.” Urp.

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What Bee liked too much about Eddie is his get-up, so she set out to score herself one — a process she described as thus: “Turns out the organization that makes it easier to get a gun than Sudafed makes it nearly impossible to acquire their giant dancing eagle.”

Rifling through the NRA’s 18-page application to wear Eddie’s feathers, she makes a few discoveries.

What Eddie Eagle does:
Raps. About guns. To children.

What Eddie Eagle does not do:
Drink the hard stuff.
Go nekkid. Well, without his red “E” jersey, anyway.

When that effort proves fruitless, Bee resorts to other measures. Like eBay, where she doesn’t land an Eddie costume but does buy a couple guns. On the advice of the Eddie Eagle program, she tries the New Mexico Gun Collectors Association gun show. No Eddie. But her producer does land a pair of scary-looking rifles after mentioning she isn’t a felon. Finally, Bee and Co. create their very own LLC, which they call Western North Carolina Community Safety Services. No luck there either.

So does Bee finally get her chance to walk in Eddie’s mandatory shoes? Check out the clip below.

The rules said nothing about Eddie’s accessories.

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