‘Chicago Fire’ May Be Reigniting the Spark Between Casey & Brett

Chicago Fire Brett Casey

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 8, Episode 11 of Chicago Fire, “Where We End Up.”]

Chicago Fire fans have been wondering for a while now if anything will come of all the hints, moments, and comments from others about the potential romance brewing between Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Brett (Kara Killmer). Well, that slow burn may be heading for a boiling point.

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Casey did just get a visit from his ex-wife, and while executive producer Derek Haas told TV Insider that there’s still hope for a Dawsey reunion, it sounds like the show is ready for another romance in the firefighter’s life. “That [visit] really felt like closure” for Casey and Dawson, (Monica Raymund), Spencer told TVLine. “That allows him to move on, to be OK with developing a relationship with Brett.”

That’s not to say that fans should expect to see the two together in the immediate future. “They’re building their friendship,” the actor continued. “They do like each other, [but] they work together and there’s history. So they’re sort of treading, more or less, pretty carefully, but enjoying each other’s company.”

Viewers saw that in Episode 11. Brett and Casey shared smiles and a moment when she updated him on a woman they’d saved from a car fire. “One of the first things you learn at the academy is you get the victim to the hospital best you can and you don’t look back, that it’s the only way to survive mentally,” she recalled.

However, as she noticed upon joining the firehouse, no one at 51 follows that rule — especially Casey. “You do more whenever you can. So, when I found out she was going to be OK, I knew how much it would mean to you,” she told him.

We’ll see the slow burn of this potential relationship continue in an upcoming episode involving a cat in a tree. “It’s very interwoven with Brett’s biological mother. She’s adopted and her biological mother’s come out of the woodwork and wants to get in contact with her,” Spencer told Us Weekly. “They go on this adventure to rescue this cat and she opens up about her mother.”

But it could always be Brett herself who keeps their relationship from crossing that line from friendship to romance. While Haas teased that their friendship will “get deeper as the season goes,” he added that “Brett’s the kind of person who puts others’ feelings in front of her own at all times.” She saw what Casey went through with Dawson, and “you’ll see it going forward,” he continued. “[It’s] the question of, ‘Do I subdue my own feelings because I know where somebody else’s heart and thoughts lie?'”

Whatever happens, we can probably expect many more Brett-Casey moments in Season 8.

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